About Us

Caps and Traps is a small project designed to capture real time cryptocurrency market data and couple that with worthwhile project information.

Along the way we have added additional functionality like a loginless (is that a word? sure, why not.) portfolio. All data is stored locally. The only information for this that touches our serves is the names of the cryptocurrencies so we can return current pricing. We have no ability to see what you put in for your holdings nor what they add up to - and that's the way we want it.

As of this writing we have over a dozen exchanges updating every ~5 minutes covering the majority of daily volume, live pricing, watchlists, crypto to crypto conversion rates on each cryptocurrency's page, our safety and security section (the painfully named Traps section, but who wants to hunt for domains for ages when they can just make a silly rhyme up and move on?), and a whole range of additional services planned for the future.

We've also added additional sources (CoinMarketCap, CryptoCompare, TradingView Charts etc) to each cryptocurrency's price and volume measurements. Not only do we believe that, in general, the more sources the merrier, but that this combined representation paints a more accurate picture than any single source can.

You can learn more about our specific services and upcoming plans on our services page.

That's probably about enough and likely more than you or anyone else really cares to hear about us, so if you've read this far - thanks! If not, well then I'm not sure who I am writing this for... hmm.